Standard is minimum of our capability FICO fulfill all Your demands.

According to flexible production line, machinery and special instrument and depending on design knowledge and construct valves, Petro Fajr-e-Markazi Company could repaired all of industrial valves under related standard, representing repairment certification.

Repairment process and renovate of all kind of valves use in industrial as a package or one size, pressure class or metrial done in this company contains these process:

  • Reassemble of equipments and parts of industrial valves.
  • Inspection (Optic or by related tools)
  • Repairment, replacement or sample making of damaged parts.
  • Non destructive tests for restoration area
  • General or particular montage of industrial valves
  • Pneumatic and hydro static test according to customer's standard.
  • Colors or other covering according to customer's request.
  • Issue of certificate and documentary of all of repairment process